Norman - WOODLORE™ Shutters

The EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutter™ has a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state. Offering incredible density and strength. A Patented Polypropylene Coating protects, making Woodlore® even more durable and robust

  • Better consistency and durability than regular wood shutters
  • Better heat resistance than vinyl and PVC shutters
  • Won't fade or yellow with sun exposure
  • Won't chip or crack over time
  • Won't stain; easy to clean
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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The World's Best-Selling Shutters

Woodlore shutters are made as a "Green Solution" with "Enhanced Durability"

Woodlore® is made from wood composite MDF utilizing 95% of the tree. Ourprocess creates significantly less waste, and produces one of most eco-friendly materials around.

Woodlore®'s patented polypropylene coating creates a durable and robust surfacethat resists cracking or chipping. Polypropylene is widely used in automobile exteriors, appliances and helmets.

Custom Printed Shades!

Printed shades offer your customers endless design ideas for their projects. Ideal to display company logos, artwork, photographs, and additional display areas. Each shade is printed on-demand. Printed shades are great for the following:

Promotional signage
Signs and banners
Scenic designs
Space dividers


Impeccable good looks. Even better operation, bar none!
  • InvisibleTilt™ eliminates the tilt bar in the middle. It ensures that all louvers move in sync and are perfectly aligned. Shutters close tighter and are more reliable, views are wider and free from obstructions created by the tilt bar.
  • "Hidden" tilt systems place the tilt rod on the back but still create an unsightly look when viewed from the sides or from the outside. They are also a fuss to clean. With InvisibleTilt™ you get the real deal – performance and beauty that's 100% tilt rod free!

Need an Exterior Shading Solution?

Give our new Z Box Shades a try. Zipper shades are a perfect exterior shading solution because:

The Zbox can with stand areas of high wind (rated for over 55 mph winds)
When paired with blackout fabric, the Zbox provides a total blackout due to lateral zip tracks
Made of 100% aluminum   which makes it resistant to rust and harsh weather conditions.
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Why Norman Shutters?

Featuring enhanced style options and added resistance to the elements. Norman Shutters are versatile, colorful, and ready for all interiors.

  • InvisibleTilt- Tilt whole panel of louvers easily without a tilt rod. Offers streamlined appearance, tighter closure, easy cleaning and a wider view.
  • PerfectTilt- Adjust your shutters safely and easily with the motorized tilting system. Great for skylights and hard-to-reach windows, PerfectTilt can also be solar powered.
  • Optimal antimicrobial treatment- Safeguard your shutters from accumulating airborne germs such as e-coli, salmonella and staph. Optimal is a perfect solution for homes with young children and the elderly.
  • Custom color match- From bright fuchsia to midnight blue Norman has you covered with our custom color program.
  • Specialty shapes- available including circles, arches, angles and French doors.
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