Neolux Dual Shade

Collection by Vertilux offers modern, organic designs.

  • Wide range of colors and patterns
  • Options include: decorative metallic, decorative plain, full bodied, texturized fabrics, vinyl fabrics, and dim out fabrics
  • Perfect option for efficient light management
  • Enables user adjust between privacy and light filtering settings
  • Shades raise completely in the cassette for a perfectly open view
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Diffuse the Light Beautifully

Originally popular in Europe and Latin America, this unique option has grown in popularity, especially right here in Hawaii!

Neolux Dual Shade features the Essence and Avant series, which collectively offer over 30 different decorative patterns and a selection of more than 80 colors. With three options of opening, you can control the amount of light exposure and privacy in your space. Neolux Dual Shade fabrication features flame retardant fabrics to ensure safety and contentment.

Why Neolux Dual Shades?

Airy & Modern Shades

  • Adjust the vane alignment to fine tune light control, or raise the shade completely
  • The shades block up to 99% of UV rays to protect your space
  • Sleek, fabric-wrapped cassette comes standard and creates a cohesive appearance in the window
  • Free vane alignment, when requested at time of order, ensures a consistent look across windows in the same room
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